Voting Rules and Regulations

The following set of rules and regulations has been set forth by CHA and diagnosed by the auditing company.

Voting Rules & Regulations and all of other related instructions, mentioned below, through which the integrity of the Voting system is maintained intact will significantly be dependent on your cooperation, diligence and devotion.

On the Tuesday January 15th 2019 you will receive the special / customized ELECTRONIC VOTING CARD for each entry...., at which time you may immediately START distributing them to your pre-selected end users, guests and customers. The ON LINE VOTING process starts and continues through the Sunday March 31st 2019 midnight.

Voting Limits

The Web based system will ONLY accept ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY QUALIFIED VOTES per entrant (Per Category). We recommend, as a safety belt, that you receive as many votes as possible in order to insure meeting (post audit) the nomination criteria of the awards; your organization needs to gain the minimum 150 QUALIFIED votes on the web based voting system.

PS: To gain a qualified vote your client/end-user/customer is requested to complete the requested information / data on the system voting form, any incomplete forms will be discounted from the voting. Such is already noted the guest voting form. In addition, duplicated votes will be discounted.

Client Voting Criteria

If you have entered more than one category, the same guest / Customer may vote for more than one category, although it is recommended that you select others voting customer for the additional category you have entered. The voting is based on the end user's total experience with the specific category.

Each voting Guest / Customer must select TWO other competing entities in the same category (Except for: Best Travel Agency – Best Travel Technology – Best Travel Media)

All personal data and information on the VOTING ELECTRONIC CARD must be completed.


During the 60 days of electronic voting, the on going monitoring, audit and cross references of voting cards will be in progress daily.

The auditing teams will be searching through each of the voting cards' criteria for various control elements, such as voting source (IP/Country) to be matched with the provided data contents - duplications to any of the voters' data - authenticity of the vote contents - intruders and unauthorized votes.

Price Waterhouse Coopers will perform a limited diagnostics over the controls for the award voting process used for MENA (Middle East & North Africa) Travel Awards event.

Furthermore, a random voting cross reference will be conducted for an average of 20% of the total votes per category per entrant. The calls logged details will be timely recorded for check and balance.

In order to avoid auditing focus and arising suspicions, we do not recommend that you utilize the currently in house / serviced clients for the voting, it is preferred that your selected clients be able to vote from destinations other than your facilities and or from their homes / offices at the various parts of the world.

Voting cards tracking will be daily monitored and reference checked against the Voting Master's robotic system to endorse its accuracy.

No same client duplicate votes, from the same entrant, will be accepted by the system. If found; the system will automatically reject the vote.

While the integrity of the program must always be kept intact any intentional discrepancies or unprincipled activity found, the entry will be disqualified from the contest.

Repeated intentional discrepancies will result in the termination of the enrollment and disqualification of the race.

Votes Notification

Upon a vote submission from your selected clients, your designated e-mail address will automatically receive a notification of the voting card details. Hence, since your specific entry's private and customized electronic distribution (To your Selected Clients only ) is under your ultimate control / responsibility, please insure that your assigned team member is carefully monitoring and inventorying the incoming votes notifications, on a daily bases, against your list of selected clients.

Intruders / Hackers

If at any time you receive a vote notification from an unidentified person (intruder / unauthorized) who is not on your selected clients list; please ADVICE US IN WRITING immediately to alert the system and mark the vote DISQUALIFIED. Consequently, the systems will setback your record for only your 150 actual selected clients' votes.
If we do not receive a written documentation to that effect, we will presume that your voting records are intact.

Failure to notify the system of intruders / unauthorized voters will have an impact on your vote records as will as points result of your enrolled sister companies / branches.

Moreover, it will have a greater impact on the global voting integrity. We strongly urge the immediate written reporting of unidentified voters, via fax: (00202 27797117) or

E-mail address,,,,,,

Entrants Accessibility

All qualified entrants will have the right to audit the system's integrity at any time during and after the voting process. Upon a written request, entrants can receive, at any given time, a full SYSTEM list of their own voters to cross check against received notifications and their list of selected clients

Process of Points

The judging sources will rely on the entrant's own follow-up and follow through with their selected voting customers. The Electronic Voting cards will present to the voter a list of all of the given category's entrants to select from (Second & Third choice).

Hence, each time a voter selects an entrant and submits the vote; the selected entrant will automatically / electronically receive one point. The electronically designed system will, then, maintain an accurate number of votes / points per entrant and per category.

Consequently, the Data Base program will, daily and robotically consolidate and rank the top six nominees for each category based on the number of points (Votes) received.

Four weeks before the event the Top six nominees for each category will be announced, out of which the top three winners (Platinum, Gold and Silver) will be determined and awarded at the Gala night.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and attention. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

We wish you the best of luck and we look forward to meeting you on the night of the event.

Very Truly,
Dr. Sam Saker
President of CHA-International

The Organizer