How to Enter MENA Travel Awards 2019

Please complete the official Entry Form and submit it with your payment to cover the entry fees by no later than Tuesday, January 15th 2019.


You may enter any number of categories, if appropriate. Please be advised that each additional entry should be accompanied with a separate entry fee.


Each single category entry

Early Bird Enrollment Fee
From June 14th to August 31st = 300.00 USD
Normal Enrollment Fee
From September 1st onward = 350.00 USD

  • Your entry should be accompanied by an international bank draft or wiring instruction for the appropriate amount, made payable to “Consultants of Hospitality Administrators”, and a swift transfer proof.
  • A receipted invoice will be issued to you immediately upon receipt of your entry fee.
  • Payment or proof of payment must accompany the award application / entry.


  • Bank Draft payable to: Consultants of Hospitality Administrators
  • Wiring / bank transfer:
    Account Name: “CHA”: Consultants of Hospitality Administrators.
    Bank Name: HSBC, Dubai Branch (UAE)
    IBAN: AE900200000035124932211
    Account #: 035 – 124932 – 211

A receipted invoice will be issued once your entry and payment have been processed.
When your entry is processed it will be given a unique number and the entry will be known by this code throughout the process.
"Exceptional Service Champions" Awards
For further information please contact CHA / MENA Travel Awards:
Tel: +202 27797113 / 16 / 21 Fax: +202 27797117,,,